Secret Maryo Chronicles

Secret Maryo Chronicles is an open source side scrolling game. This page list some of the contibutions I've been working on for the project.

Player Level Return Stack

Normally, a level exit must specify the destination to go to. If it does not, then the level is finished. This means that a destination level can not be used as a re-usable dungeon or other map, unless the actual level is duplicated, because the exit of that dungeon must specify where to return to.

This change adds a feature called a player return stack. This stack keeps track of return points for the player. When the player goes through an exit that does not specify a destination, the return stack is checked to determine where to return to. If the return stack is empty, the level is finished. To add an item to the return stack, level exits contain two additional properties: the return level and the return entry If the return level is empty, the current level name is used. If the return entry is empty, then the player start of the return level is used. If neither are specified, then nothing is pushed onto the return stack

Random Entry

This was just a crazy idea, but since the level editor supports saving multiple level entry points with the same name, I made a change where a random entry is used. When the player goes through a level exit with a destination entry (or a return entry if using the return stack), if the target level has more than one entry of the same name, a random entry will be returned.

Other Contributions

  • Pipe connector graphics.
  • Random/ambient sound.
  • Particle emitter.